The New York Marathon is an event which takes place every November on the first Sunday of the month. The marathon attracts thousands of runners, making it the most significant event in the marathon world. It is an event of all categories of people with all types of abilities, ages and professional athletes, and not forgetting the over 10000 charity participants.

Runners from all across the world have the opportunity to enjoy the diverse New York City different neighbourhoods of Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. Getting into the race can be a challenge; being on time for application is the trick. Beating the allocated qualifying time, more so, in the running events organised by New York Road Runners will earn you an entry.

Nonetheless, there are other ways to qualify for the New York Marathon. The rules and the qualification time are not set in stone and tend to change with each event each year.

How to be Part of the New York Marathon

The New York Road Runners Club organises races which you can participate in to get a slot for the New York marathon. If you have a qualifying time from the past year’s SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon and TCS New York City Marathon, you get a direct entry to the New York Marathon.

In case you have time qualifiers for other unrelated NYRR races, it is advisable to use that time to apply. However, there are limited slots; hence, qualifying will depend on a first-come-first-served module. The previous year’s qualification in a race can be a good thing to earn you a comfortable slot into the competition.

There are varying times however before qualifying for the slot, so it only means a two-week delay. When a runner doesn’t qualify, there is a lottery drawing chance they can participate in. The New York Road Runners has a lottery organised for the marathon qualification every spring. The New York Marathon applications start in January.

The lottery spot is very competitive, but you can also get into the marathon by participating in charities. Those slots are only given under a fundraising agreement with varying amounts for the specific charity. You can also be part of the marathon through helping in booking hotel stays and flights for international participants. There are different ways to be part of the New York marathon; it all depends on which suits your plan.