Running is not all that beneficial to our skins. It can damage the skin, but the good thing is that we have several skincare products that can prevent the damage and even add a little boost to your skin’s health. One of the must-have skincare products for runners is face serums.

In this article, find out what face serums are and why they are essential. But first, let’s answer the question, how does running affect the skin?

The Effects of Running on the Skin

For those who have been around the running community, the term ”runner’s face” is not new. ”Runner’s face” is a theory that suggests that the repetitive bouncing and pulling of the face when running causes a gaunt and thinner facial appearance.

Running while enjoying the sunshine is fulfilling. But it’s important to note that sunshine has harmful UV rays, which can damage the skin. According to a US-based dermatologist, athletes have a higher risk of getting skin cancer because of the longer exposure to sunlight.

Why Face Serums are a Must-Have for Runners

Now, back to the main business of the day, what are face serums, how do they work, and what are the benefits runners can expect?

Face serums are topical skincare products that contain concentrated amounts of active molecules that penetrate the skin to deliver all the essential nutrients to all the skin layers. This enhances effectiveness and guarantees fast results.

What Makes Face Serums Special?

The formula of face serums is what makes them special. They combine tried and tested active ingredients that have special benefits to the skin. A good example is the Verso super facial serum formula which boasts a higher dose of Retinol 8, a proprietary vitamin A complex that is eight times more powerful than typical Retinol.

Retinol 8 is a key ingredient that boosts the production of collagen. Remember, collagen is what will prevent the skin from sagging due to the bouncing effect when running. Collagen reduces wrinkles by strengthening the skin and improves blood flow.

The Verso serum also contains essential amino acids that improve the skin’s texture and reduces discolouration and wrinkles caused by the sun and other harsh conditions that runners get exposed to. What’s more? Serums are formulated to reduce irritation, so runners won’t have to worry about the itching and irritation, which arises from sweating.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, folks, a candid discussion on why runners need to upgrade their skincare regimen with face serums. Don’t limit yourself to cleansers, moisturisers, and sunscreens only. A good face serum, for example Verso super facial serum goes the extra mile to protect your skin, restore and strengthen it. This serum can be used as standalone skincare regimen or with other skincare products, for example, moisturisers and sunscreens.